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Service concept

Business philosophy
Endless pursuit of excellence, advancing with the times create a bright future!
The pursuit of value is the starting point of our work, to create value is the driving force of our lives, to achieve value is our permanent pursuit!
Business passion
Endless pursuit of life, love spell since ancient times will win!
Do business with love, with a grateful heart to be human!
work goals
Deeply digging customer resources is the basis of work, cooperation and interaction is the process of our work; cost savings, profit maximization, quality service, advancing with the times is the focus of our work, win-win situation is the result of our work.
In the highly competitive market environment, providing quality products under the premise of Shanghai Yin Xu Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. knows that only better service to win the market, with innovative service system in order to create the East China Mechanical and Electrical Equipment brand supply enterprise.
In the course of business operation and marketing, Yinxu Electromechanical constantly learned the lesson, listened to every customer's sincere suggestion, timely corrected, formulated measures and perfected the "three steps" of the system. At the same time, Marketing and service awareness, into Yinxu Electrical and mechanical service system. Only innovation can win the world, only innovation is the source of enterprise motivation, only with the theory and the mainstream needs of today's customers, the timely introduction of its own unique service system, can truly serve customers. To this end, Shanghai Yin Xu Asahi Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. will adhere to abide by the "quality, speed, commitment, service" business philosophy.
Quality - we speak with quality, integrity build brand
Speed ​​- We pursue the speed, rapid response, in time to meet customer needs
Services - We continue to learn to improve, the most new service system to return customers
Commitment - We keep our promises, create value and grow together with our customers
Team concept
The same goal, weight-bearing lead, tacit trust, risk sharing.
Dayan company advocacy teamwork. Create the most competitive electrical and mechanical equipment business in Shanghai Yin Xu common goal. In the process of achieving this goal, everyone should be loyal to their own team, brave the burden, to develop their potential and intentions to work in the team fight as a "leading wild goose"; to trust each other, tacit cooperation, willing to sacrifice, together, In the fierce competition in the market waves, struggling to overcome difficulties, and ultimately achieve the strategic objectives of enterprise development at the same time realize their own life value.
Innovative ideas
Continuous innovation tolerance failure
Continuous innovation is the source and motive force for the survival and development of enterprises. Creating the most competitive mechanical and electrical equipment enterprises must create a strong atmosphere for innovation and always support staff innovation, innovative technologies, innovation management, innovation system and innovation environment; The failure to understand, tolerance, but also to encourage innovation as a quality, a spirit, a fashion.
Talent Concept
People fit their niche
As long as you are willing and able to work hard for your company and make positive contributions, it is the talent your business needs. In the selection of personnel, the first consideration is that personnel knowledge and skills and job needs, so that the best combination of the two, to maximize the expertise and ability of each employee.
Quality concept
High standards of fine Zero defects high standards, refinement, zero defect, is the basic business requirements of workers, but also the basic attitude of workers. High standards are prerequisites, fine is the basic requirement, zero defect is the ultimate goal. The three interlocking, indispensable.
Marketing concept
Create value for users, win friends for the enterprise
Marketing in the 21st century, "create value for users," is not just a simple connotation of buying and selling, but to work hard for users to create value not available or available to other customers so that they become repeat business customers, Eventually become a business friend.
Clean government concept
Slim, Lide, keep honest, named
Self-cultivation is through continuous study of various cultural knowledge, professional skills and improve their overall quality; Ride is to strengthen their own self-cultivation, establish a good morality; Shou Lian is to strictly abide by the party discipline, government discipline and enterprise rules and regulations, clean and self-discipline, Affordable temptation, doing things clean, in the masses have a good reputation.